Original, hand knitted, warm, woolen Mittens "Pansies"

We are very proud to introduce unique mittens collection. They are hand-knit using traditional Baltic techniques, but updated with modern patterns. Designed for urbanite missing nature’s beauty and calmness.

The foolish pansy

A dainty little pansy
Stood on one toe,
Stretched up her pretty head,
And wanted to know

Why she was tethered fast,
Just to one spot,
While zephyrs could wander
Where she could not.

"O gentle Queen of Fairies,"
I heard her softly say,
"Please cut the ties that bind me,
And bid me fly away.

"I know I'm far too pretty
So hidden here to lie;
To look abroad and see the world,
I'm sure I'd like to try." (....)

–Jenny Wallis

well, those you can take to see the world !
Handknitted in angora, sheep, camel and cashmere wools.

Design by Natalia Moreva.

Size: M
Length: 26.5 cm / 10.4"
Around the palm: 20.5 cm / 8"

Actual colors in the monitor might somewhat differ from real ones.